The Great Gracious Light!

The Great Gracious Light!

The Great Solitary Mercy! 

The Great Gracious Light!




 The above painting obtained from a Sanmargi was painted during Saint Ramalingam's visit to Vettaivalam Jamindhar's house in Tamilnadu.

                                                               APPEAL TO HAVE 
     DEATHLESS LIFE                                                                                                                                                                    










SAINT RAMALINGAM, also widely known as VALLALAR was born in South India on 5.10.1823 to preach the path of wisdom for mankind as a whole without caste, creed or nation. In order to unite all the sects of people who are worshiping various idols, he aspired the entire human race to worship the formless supreme God only.


Arutperunjothi Agaval - Handwritten by Saint Ramalingam

He initiated a common way of worshiping God. To achieve this object, on 22.10.1873 he brought out one of the lamps, glowing in his room of meditation at Siddhi VALAGA THIRUMALIAGAI (SANCTUM SANCTORUM) at Mettukuppam village in South India and kept it in the main hall of the building. He informed the gathering to sit around the lamp and chant the following hymn so as to get  concentration of mind for getting  the grace of Supreme formless God.

தொழுவூர் வேலாயுத முதலியார் அறிக்கை


Arutperunjothi Arutperunjothi

                                                                Thanipperungarunai Arutperunjothi.

                                                             The great light of grace! The great light of grace!
                                                             The embodiment of Supreme mercy! The great light of grace!

Ngana Sabai


Saint Ramalingam selected an open space about fifty acres. He drew a rough diagram of a temple as he conceived it, octagonal in shape. The construction was started in June 1871. He did not call it Koil or temple. He called it 'Sabhai' meaning Hall or Assembly. The full name is Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Satya Gnana Sabhai (Hall of true Knowledge). The Sabhai was opened on 25 January 1872 but he was not present at the opening. The mode of worship in the Sabhai is unique. It is open to all castes, cults, creeds and religions. The only restriction is that non-vegeterian (meat eaters) should not enter the main Sabhai. The Sabhai  was renovated and reconsecrated by Kirupananda Variaar on 24 April 1950.





Siddhi Valagam - Disappearance

The photo above shows the room and the building in which he locked himself on the 30 January 1874, and ordered that no one should open it. A year later the government officials opened it and found the room empty. 


He was revealed by the Almighty as an embodiment son of God. He came to uplift the whole of humanity towards perfect bliss without Hunger, Disease, Thirst, Desire, Poverty, Fear, Disease, Decay to Death, with full self existent delight or bliss, through true knowledge, true love, true compassion accompanied by common wealth activities without disparities of dogmatic rituals pertaining to any religions, philosophies, caste, color, creed, clan, sex or nationality